We are a leading manufacturer and distributor of hand fastening screws specializing in wing bolts and nuts.

Type Size System wit A B C D E Cap color
FIT KNOB K/W M6 1/4 φ36 15 20 φ24 10 Black Blue Red Green width= Yellow Orange White
FIT KNOB K/W M8 5/16 φ42 16 21 φ28 10 Black Blue Red Green width= Yellow Orange White
FIT KNOB K/W M10 3/8 φ50 17 22 φ34 10 Black Blue Red Green width= Yellow Orange White
FIT KNOB K/W M12 1/2 φ60 18 24 φ40 10 Black Blue Red Green width= Yellow Orange White
  • Maximum depth inserting a nut : M6 = 15mm M8=16mm M10=17mm M12 = 18mm
  • Body color : K = black W=white    Cap color : Black black Blue blue Red red 緑 green Yellowyelow Orange orange White white
  • For inch sizes, please confirm the hex diameter of the bolt or nut before use.

Simply insert a bolt or a nut into a FIT KNOB 60 degree to immediately create your own custom knob bolt or knob nut ! (ref.the above diagram)
Removable bolts and nuts make it possible to immediately create custom knob bolts and knob nuts for any application, using any material or thread length required by any application. You can even choose special bolts and long bolts.
The caps are interchangeable between both bolts and nuts.
Installation and removal of the bolt or nut can be done by using a coin, or even your fingernail.
There are eight kinds of sizes which are M6, M8, M10, M12, or 1/4, 5/16, 3/8, 1/2.
The body color is black or white and we have seven different cap colors available.
Disassembly is fast and easy to allow for reuse in other applications.
* The product does not include bolts and nuts.

All knob bolts are produced from the following materials.

RESIN PORTION : ASA (Acrylonitrile-Styrene-Acrylate)
High-end thermoplastic resin capable which withstands
harsh weather environments, is chemical resistant
and unaffected by ultraviolet light making the
Eaglestar crack resistant. Can be used in virtually any

SCREW PORTION : Steel(trivalent chrome)
Stainless Steel(custom order only)

CAP : PP(Polypropylen)

Mechanical properties Testing methodology Condition Unit ASA resin
Charpy impact strength ISO 179 23℃ KJ/m2 18
Tensile strength ISO 527 23℃ MPa 41
Bending strength ISO 178 23℃ MPa 59
Bend elastic constant ISO 178 23℃ MPa 2,300
Rockwell hardness ISO 2039 23℃ R-Scale 103
Deflection temparature under load ISO 75 1.82MPa 81

* Values provided in the table are for reference pupose only.